Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Worth It

They said that if we are not willing to take the risk, we don't want it bad enough.

I arrived here in Manila yesterday from my hometown where I spent the long weekend in. We had arranged that Migo pick me up at the airport.

The challenge: wearing a sexy white, semi-see-through lacey corset under my clothes
The risk: the inability to breathe and sit comfortably, the effort it takes to "arrange" what I was wearing everytime I got up
The reward: to see the look on his face when I get on top of him and slowly peel my clothes off while listening to Usher's Mars vs Venus or Lay You Down

Before I got on the plane to Manila, I had lunch with my friends C and P. I layed out my gameplan and they were fully supportive. By the time that my plane had landed, tinext ko sila agad, "the ugly duckling has landed. time to transform." And they gave me the same reply parang, "gamitan mo ng corset powers!" pero hindi naman daw sila magkasama.

So we get home, have dinner and went to the separate room for a transient which they had outside. No one was renting and it was supposedly the coolest (temperature-wise), "chillest" room in the house. And it was. There was a toilet to the left and a single bed in the corner na pinaiilawan ng isang dim light sa may headboard na nagmumukha siyang banal. Migo, sasambahin kita.

Coolest room? Nay, hottest.

Just when he had his crooked smile on when everything else was off made my day. They way he touched, kissed and moved, so slowly and gently, made up for the two hours I spent barely breathing on a plane. This was not just sex. This was making love.

Which song would you have picked for me for this love-making episode?