Friday, November 5, 2010

Your Favorite Mistake

Bago tumatak sa isip niyong completely heartless ako, I'd like to share with you a picture of the sweetest bouquet I've ever receieved in my life.

Let's say it's from M.

I met M when we were college freshmen, dormmates in a residence hall aptly called "Kalayaan". We were both not from the Metro Manila area. He was from Bicol. Uragon. Visual peg : Hermes Bautista from PBB Double UP. He had the same body build, same facial expressions and same bad-boy appeal but a little bit shorter probably.

Nakilala ko siya nung second sem na, when he started showing up at dorm activities for which he looked extra tasty. We went out a few times and he made the mistake of giving me a phone when I lost mine. And I lost the phone he gave me after 24 hours. Saklap diba. Nag-sorry ako pero he even laughed about it, "Ano ba naman yan, bibigyan na nga lang kita ng 5110. Haha!"

There wasn't anything extraordinary about his personality. He was nice, not too sweet, sobrang galante and I was always the boss. He showed up to the culminating activity at the end of the year where um residents' academic accomplishments were recognized. Hindi naman siya mukhang matalino at nagulat ako nung tinawag yung pangalan niya para kunin ang certificate. Apparently, college scholar siya which meant that his weighted average was 1.75 or better.

After dinner, he gave me this:

A flower he just took from one of the tables' centerpieces and wrapped it with his certificate.

That was three years ago.
During the summer, I just stopped responding to his messages and we lost contact.
I haven't received a sweeter bouquet since.
And he probably hasn't made a bigger mistake than me.


  1. sweet.

    kalayaan girl ka pala.
    nag-apply ako sa molave. rejected, pang-ilang-ilang daw beauty kez

  2. Namiss mo no? Namiss ka rin noon. :)

  3. ako, molave boy din. muntik na nga akong mapasali sa mutya ng molave eh, kaya umalis ako nung second sem. hihihi! :D

  4. cc ang galing syang sana naging kayo..

  5. @orally heee yessir kalai before but now argh kamia na. musta ilang, kumbento daw? HAHA
    @empi err naaalala ko lang. kasi nanghahalungkat ako ng old photos sa multiply. tas nakita ko yan. haaayyy
    @claudiopoi really? nag molave ako umm two years ago and last year! sobrang awaited event yung mutya. haha
    @rico di ko mafigure out bt di ako pumayag. :-| oh well, he prolly hates me right nowww

  6. ouch it stings. my optimistic side wants you two to end up together. my realist side says yeah, that's sweet but CC wants someone darker. :)

  7. i agree with citybouy here, probably Carnal Circus wants a real badboy type-o'-guy. Kasi feeling ko lang and just based on my observations... if a guy would kiss the girls ass all the time nawawala yung magic at spark... nawawala yung attraction, but then again there's always exception to the rule. ÜÜÜ

  8. @citybuoy err yeah someone darker :) hmm tingnan naten, bka makita ko si M ulit around campus. malay natiiiin. hehe
    @artiemous right you are! i've never been with a boy-next-door type.

  9. awww... daz so sweet.... gusto koh sana itanong anyareh?... well hmmm... sabi nga nilah kung meant kayoh eh darating ang time na u guyz will meet again... oh yeah first time ditoh... nde koh alam koh san akoh galing.. haha... kinda bloghopping... follow kitah para makabalik akoh... ingatz.. Godbless!

  10. uragon has a different meaning in other dialects.

    In central Visayas - it means "horny."

    Ako din. I've always wanted the "rough, bad boy" type of guys. wahaha

  11. @dhianz ewan ko, nawala lang siya sa buhay ko. and i found out, di siya enrolled this sem. pero argh i really hope i can talk to him again.
    @iurico EXACTLY hahaha pun intended. :)) thats um waray, right? and bad boys are just so TASTEYYYY

  12. Coming in late (since now ko lang nadiscover tong blog mo po) ...

    Kamia's nice malapit lang sa AS and oval. Ok din naman sa Ilang malapit sa isaw hehe miss ko na mag-isaw! :D

    not a dormer pero was a faculty member sa CS before and attended open houses in both ilang and kamia at the invitation of my former students ;)