Monday, February 24, 2014

Crunch Time

**I didn't even opt for the post-coital cigarette. I just had sex and the first thing I want to do is blog about it. Fuck me, right? **

10 minutes na siya sa banyo. Which means he should leave my place soon kung gusto niyang dumating sa work on time. Paglabas ng banyo, "Hi babe, alis na ako in five minutes." I was sitting on the bed, my legs up on the edge and back against the wall. Tiningnan ko lang siya at tinanggal panty ko without breaking eye contact. "Uh, babe pwede pala 7 minutes, I wont be late.. Okay 10 minutes." sabay tawa. "Migs magaling ka, yeah you're good pero not that good." "Ah talaga lang ah."

He was standing in front of me when he pulled me by my thighs closer to him. He bent down and kissed me roughly as I was struggling to hold my moans back. Tiningnan ko siya, eyes dark with lust hovering above me when he asked in a low voice "Namiss mo ba 'to? Nababastos ka ba?" with a slight smirk. Sobrang na-turn on ako sa kabastusan sa boses niya.  Tinaas niya shirt ko, his hand made its way under my bra to cup my right boob, his thumb and forefinger pinch my nipple as I let out a loud moan. His other hand grabbed my neck, urging me to look him in the eyes "Shhh, be quiet baby girl." Binaba niya shorts niya, his erection springing up from his boxers and he lined himself outside my pussy, wet and pulsating from his aggressiveness. "Babe, wa-" I started to say and he cut me right off "Shhh. Ano ba sabi ko, quiet diba?" Migo started rubbing my clit with the tip of his dick, dipping in and out of my wet opening and rubbing my clit again. "Migo please.. Pasok mo na please."  I look up at him, begging him to give it to me. He pulled away from me and sat on the bed, "Wala eh, kulang sa time. I'm not that good naman eh." With a smug look on his face, slightly raising his eyebrows. Pumatong ako sa kanya, straddling him, wala na siyang nasabi. I let out a soft moan as I lowered myself on him, looking at his dark brown eyes, he growled, putting both his hands on my waist, moving me up and down the length of his dick. "Fuck, namiss kita, babe." he said, still looking at me.  I shived by the sound of his voice, I could hear how much he wanted me. I moved up and down quicker as he held my breasts together, licking my nipples every time I lower myself on him. I feel myself tighten around him, my muscles tense and I know he can feel it too as he looked up at me, "Cum for me babe. Cum for daddy." Binilisan niya ang pagtaas at pagbaba sa akin, I bite my lower lips and with heavy breaths I release myself on him. With my heart still racing, pinahiga niya ako at tinaas legs ko so my knees are closer to my shoulders. "You like that sound?" I could hear how wet my pussy was everytime he hit harder and deeper inside me. "I'm so wet babe, I like it. Do you like how wet you make me?"  I seemed to have switched on a light in his mind because he started moving faster, harder and deeper everytime. He bucked his head back and looked down at me, pulling out and letting his cum flow all over my mouth, dripping down the side of my face. He lay down beside me as we both came down from our high. I reached for a shirt and wiped his hot cum from my cheeks.

"Medyo lumampas ka. 15 minutes. Not bad." I said giggling.
"Not bad eh basang basa ka." He chuckled.
"Thank you for the sex, now go make me some money."  I planted a kiss on his cheek as he gathered his clothes and got ready for work.



  1. Matagal na akong di napadapad dito ah. Wala ka paring kupas! You make a gay man blush! lolz

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)